Hej, Sweden! HelloPrint expands its service in the largest Scandinavian market

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HelloPrint, the leading marketplace for customized print products, expands its platform in Sweden. Producers, creative professionals, and small and medium-sized businesses in Sweden now profit from HelloPrint’s unique marketplace approach.

We are excited to announce that our broad product portfolio of customized print products is now also fully available in Sweden. We are thrilled to bring all sides of printing together in one place, on one platform. Helloprint is working closely with local producers to cater directly to customers in the Swedish market. In doing so, we also reduce the carbon footprint in shipping and production. And at the same time, we offer the highest printing standards with the help of our design and print experts.

“We have been building a presence in the Swedish market for some time. Now it is time for the next step to expand and connect producers, businesses, and creatives in Sweden to experience the largest offer of customizable print products“, says Hans Scheffer, CEO and Founder of HelloPrint. “Our goal is that by the end of 2023, 80 percent of all Swedish orders will be produced in Sweden”, Scheffer states.

Network of producers and creative professionals; lowest prices guaranteed

HelloPrint operates two business models in Sweden, the first being an open webshop for customers from all industries. Customers have a broad range of customizable products to select from, which are delivered in a couple of days in a sustainable manner. We also guarantee the lowest price possible; customers can get the difference back if they find a lower price elsewhere.

The second service is HelloPrint | Connect, a community for creative professionals and anyone who works professionally with print products. With Connect, professionals have a state-of-the-art order tool at their disposal that offers many benefits, making their life easy and their work more efficient. HelloPrint takes the hassle out of printing so that creatives, such as agencies or designers, can concentrate on delivering for their clients.

Make an impact with print: HelloPrint at PRINT NEXT 2022 in Stockholm

At this year’s PRINT NEXT, the biggest print event in the Nordics held on November 24 in Stockholm, Rick Molenaar, CMO of HelloPrint, officially presented HelloPrint’s future plans for Sweden, the Nordics and how he sees the future of print. During his talk, Rick shared his view on innovation in the printing space and how partnerships with Helloprint can accelerate it.

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Our fantastic colleagues in Stockholm had many exciting conversations with Swedish customers and they were already able to directly onboard some new customers to our Connect solution. After a lot of strategic meetings with print producers, the team now understands the Swedish market even better and can extend the local producer network.

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In a podcast with Swedish magazine Branschkoll, Rick also made a point about sustainability: “I can't imagine that in five to ten years, we would be producing printed products in Central Europe and then sending them to Sweden. The effect on the environment is just too severe”, Rick said. “That’s why HelloPrint is using smart technology and automation to select the right producers and carriers, to reduce carbon footprint and increase speed of delivery. We’re producing locally with partners and connecting them with businesses and creative professionals needing high-quality, customizable print products.”

P.S: We are also hiring in Sweden! Take a look at our open positions here. We'll be happy to get you on board!

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