Helloprint Connect, member only platform for industry professionals

Helloprint has launched a new invitation-only service for its UK resellers after a successful roll-out on the continent.

The Helloprint Connect platform is exclusively for graphic arts, and print professionals, who have to be approved in order to access it. Netherlands-headquartered online print firm Helloprint already offers the service in its home market.

UK country director Paul O’Connor said Connect was pitched at “the busy experienced reseller, the creative designer or the marketeer who knows what they are doing”.

“In the first four weeks, over 200 print resellers have applied to join Helloprint Connect. However, we've turned away a number of requests for access to Connect as we didn't see the applicant as a proper print reseller,” he said.

The feedback has been really positive and customers are enjoying having another print supply option. We understand that Connect customers usually have a selection of trade print suppliers that they use on a regular basis, our focus is to make Connect their first port of call with the lowest prices and quickest turnaround.
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Helloprint is a print ordering platform and doesn’t have any production facilities of its own. It works with a wide network of production partners including more than 30 print partners based in the UK, covering a range of product types. O’Connor said that at present 87% of UK orders were fulfilled by British suppliers and the aim was to increase that to more than 95%.

Expansion into other territories is on the cards, O’Connor said. “Connect has been live for our Dutch clients for a while and the feedback they have provided has been fantastic. We believe Connect is a vital solution for experienced print buyers across Europe and will be launching it in Spain, Italy, Belgium and France.”

He said the firm was on track to achieve UK sales of €20m (£16.9m) this year.

The move reflects a growing trend, with a number of web-to-print specialists creating ‘members only’ offerings this year. Grafenia gated its Marqetspace trade printing service and removed pricing from public view, and German giant Saxoprint set up Saxoprint Pro with the promise of exclusive access to its best services.

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