Tricorp Regular Fit T-shirt with Pocket
Made from high quality cotton with a reinforced neckline and a handy storage pocket, HelloPrint's Tricorp Regular Fit T-shirt with Pocket is the perfect workmate! The large range of colours means you will be able to represent your corporate image and give the best first impression to customers. This t-shirt is both comfortable and practical for carrying out any task, making it ideal for painters, logistic workers and construction alike! The Tricorp Regular Fit T-shirt with Pocket is printed in full colour.
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Print options:
Decoration Area: Chest: 10x10 cm, Chest (10x10 cm), Back Large (30x30 cm), Chest + Back, Chest Large (30x30 cm), Chest Large + Back Large, Unprinted
black grey, black lime, black orange, black red, black turquoise, dark grey black, grey black, navy lime, navy red, navy royal, royal navy, white dark grey

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