Tricorp Premium Fitted T-shirt
Tricorp Premium Fitted T-shirt is a high-quality t-shirt with an innovative Tricorp look. It features trimming across the chest and a patch that has the Tricorp logo attached to the sleeve. Sporting a round neck and snug fit, you can enjoy a fashionable work t-shirt with fabric that ensures the shirt maintains its shape at all times. Choose from 4 colours and print or embroider your logo for the perfect finishing touch! <br><br> Complete your workwear collection with Tricorp workwear by HelloPrint!
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Print options:
Decoration Area: Chest: 10x10 cm, Chest (10x10 cm), Back Large (30x30 cm), Chest + Back, Chest Large (30x30 cm), Chest Large + Back Large, Unprinted
Black, stonemel, curry, ink

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