Tricorp Fitted Bamboo T-shirt
With its eco credentials, stylish fitted design, the Tricorp Fitted Bamboo T-shirt is the perfect work t-shirt. The t-shirt is made from a mix of CoolDry material and natural bamboo. The bamboo fibres have an open structure to absorb sweat up to four times faster, reducing unwanted odours, making it perfect for customer facing roles in hotter environments. In addition to the CoolDry material, the bamboo offers cooling in summer and retains heat well in the winter for the year round work t-shirt. Print your logo or design in full colour and enjoy! <br><br> Complete your workwear collection with Tricorp workwear by HelloPrint!
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Print options:
Decoration Area: Chest: 10x10 cm, Chest (10x10 cm), Back Large (30x30 cm), Chest + Back, Chest Large (30x30 cm), Chest Large + Back Large, Unprinted
Black, Dark grey, Navy, Royal Blue, White

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