Tricorp Bicolour T-shirt
Strong, easily visible and with a stylish slanted seam across the chest, the Tricorp Bicolour T-shirt from HelloPrint is the perfect addition to any work uniform! Available in many colour combinations, you're bound to find the right one to match your corporate identity. These t-shirts are great for outdoor professions such as construction or gardening, and their high visibility makes them ideal for transport and logistics too! The Tricorp Bicolour T-shirt is printed in full colour.
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Print options:
Decoration Area: Chest: 10x10 cm, Back Large (30x30 cm), Chest (10x10 cm), Chest + Back, Chest Large (30x30 cm), Chest Large + Back Large, Unprinted
black grey, black lime, black orange, black red, black yellow, dark grey army, dark grey black, dark grey red, ink dark grey, ink turquoise, navy royal, royal navy

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