Plexiglass Signs
Luxurious appearance, strong and versatile: that is Plexiglas! Plexiglass, also known as Acrylate, Polymethyl methacrylate or Perspex, is lighter, stronger and more durable than standard double glazing. In addition, this material is a so-called thermoplastic, which means that it becomes softer when heated. The material has a luxurious and chic look and is provided with UV prints. <br><br> Note: Looking to print a photo on a plexiglass print to brighten up your home or office? Check out our Plexiglass Photo Print.
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Thin (3mm Plexiglass), 5mm (5mm Plexiglass), 10mm Plexiglass
2 holes in upper corners (7mm), 4 holes in the corners (7mm), Contour cut to any shape, No extra options (Rectangular (clean cut))
Print options:
Light-transmitting print (100% full colour) (Only colour print, no white background), Double print (200% full colour+ white intermediate layer), Non light-transmitting print (full colour + 200% white) (Colour print, with white background), Day and night (Two layers of colour print, with a white layer in between)

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