Padded Envelopes
Our Bubble Wrap Envelopes offer the perfect solution for packaging fragile items. Choose from standard white with plastic bubble interior or eco friendly option with fully padded with paper honeycomb inside. The unique honey comb paper structure is strong and sustainable so both options provide protection for your shipment from A to Z. Add an extra touch of sophistication by printing your logo or design in full colour! <br></br> Note: The envelopes are printed single-sided and cannot be printed on the total surface, there is a margin of 20mm all around the envelope that cannot be printed on. Please check our templates in the "Templates" tab.
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120 x 175mm, 140 x 225mm (140 x 224 mm exterior), 170 x 225mm, 200 x 275mm (200 x 275 mm exterior), 240 x 275mm (200 x 275 mm exterior), 240 x 350mm, 250x350mm, 290 x 370mm
Standard White With Plastic Interior
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