Budget Polo Shirt
These polos are the most budget friendly polos available in our selection. Made of 100% cotton, choose from our range of 12 vibrant colours and personalise with your design! The fit is both comfortable and breathable, making the polos perfect for short-term promotional events or fun giveaways. So, what are you waiting for? Order yours today! Your colleagues and customers will thank you.
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Print options:
Printed area: Chest: 10x10 cm, Chest 10 x 10 cm + Back 30 x 35 cm, Decoration Area: Chest: 10x10 cm, Printed Area: Back: 30x35 cm, Sample (Unprinted)
Black, White, Grey Melange, Navy, Royal Blue, Atoll Blue, Burgundy, Red, Orange, Gold (Yellow), Kelly Green, Golf Green

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