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Vilken mappstorlek är rätt för dig?

Folders are one of the most efficient marketing products available as they come in a wide range of sizes, allow a high level of customisation and offer multiple advantages. On top of being a great promotional item to showcase your brand, your event or even your current deals, folders have another great advantage: their functionality. Rather than offering a simple leaflet or flyer, why not stand out from your competitors by offering something convenient that your prospects or clients will actually use.

Noone enjoys receiving a bunch of loose paper or documents, as it can be cumbersome. As such, clients may throw away the documents and other promotional items sent their way. To avoid this and to add a professional look to your brand, make sure that those visiting your stand or attending your event get offered a presentation folder, as a way to organise their documents and for you to ‘bundle’ your promotional materials.

Based on your needs and your limitations, you can choose the folders which suit you best. The most common Folder sizes are the A-series format. These include A3, A4, A5, A6 and A7. Each of them have their own advantages, depending on the marketing goals you are trying to achieve.

A3 Folders, sized 297 x 420 mm, are more suited for design agencies or other businesses which make use of larger documents such as A3 designs, drawings, posters or other documents. By using A3 folders, you will add a professional edge to your business and allow your clients to protect their important documents, making a long-lasting impact.

A4 conference folders, sized 210 x 297 mm, is the most popular size available and the most versatile one. It allows you to store anything from letterheads, flyers, leaflets, business cards and even booklets. This can essentially be a way to group all your professional items in one place, making it easier to hand-out at conferences or exhibitions.

All smaller formats are much more portable and have less space for design, increasing the importance of effective communication. A5, A6 and A7 flyers are therefore more convenient for you and your clients and are also more cost effective to fit as part of any offline marketing budget. Smaller folders can also be used more creatively, for instance as an envelope for invitations, vouchers or as part of mailing campaigns.

Below is a list of the different flyer formats for your printing reference.

Alla mappformat från A3-mappar till A7-mappar

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Med dessa kan du vara säker på att du väljer den bästa storleken för dina mappar som hjälper dig att uppnå dina marknadsföringsmål inom din budget. Kolla gärna på vår webbplats för mer information om våra olika marknadsföringsmaterial och storlekar som säkert matchar din varumärkesidentitet. Känn dig fri att [kontakta oss] (/ chat Länk till öppen chatt ) eller begära en quote.
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