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Medium storlek broschyrstorlek

Allt om <br> Medium fyrkantiga broschyrer

Allt om
Medium fyrkantiga broschyrer

Vad är Medium Square storlek för broschyrer?

Carré M eller [medium fyrkantiga broschyrer] (/ halffoldsblad-kvadrat-medium-kvadrat Länk till medium fyrkantigt broschyrtryck ) mäter 148 x 148 mm och används vanligtvis som reklammaterial. Medan de är mindre än din genomsnittliga A4-broschyr erbjuder de tillräckligt med utrymme för dig att inkludera relevant information om dina varumärken, som bakgrund, produkter och tjänster.

Medium Square Broschyrmått i millimeter, centimeter och tum

Pappersformat: Medium fyrkantigt broschyr
Mått i millimeter: 148 x 148 mm
Mått i centimeter: 14,8 x 14,8 cm
Mått i tum: 5,83 x 5,83 i
Tryckt <br>
__Fyllda broschyrer__

Fyllda broschyrer

Skriv ut överkomliga vikta broschyrer för att
öka ditt företag eller evenemang!

När ska jag använda Medium Square folded folders?

Similar to small square leaflets, this kind of promotional product is usually used in marketing upcoming big events such as a grand opening of a branch, or perhaps your company’s anniversary. As it is bigger than small square leaflets, it offers more design and content space which will be more noticeable from a fair distance. This means prospects are more likely to have a good glance at its visual and text. Furthermore, it being square-shaped has its own aesthetic appeal as there are people who tend to appreciate symmetrical materials more.

Additionally, since it is at an average size, it still is convenient to carry and distribute especially in high-traffic areas. Customers are also more likely to keep it as it is small enough to be kept in their belongings without being much of a hassle. In fact, they can simply slide it in inside their bag as they can fold it conveniently. This will allow your promotional material to be read again at a later and convenient time.

You can also choose from a wide range of folded leaflets. There are half folds, which can be folded lengthwise or widthwise and divided into two equal pieces that fall perfectly together. There are also Tri-folds, where one part is folded inside the other two parts.
There are also roll-folds, which are similar to Tri-folds, but offer one more additional page for more relevant information.

When all said and done, you can never go wrong in choosing medium square leaflets if you are planning to host a huge event or if you are going to attend a convention. If you want to know more about our leaflets, feel free to check with us and we will be more than happy to help.

Printing resolution for medium square leaflets

For your medium square leaflets to have great image quality, you have to set the resolution to 148 x 148 mm at 300 dpi. Then, you need to add a 3 mm bleed so after printing and trimming, you can expect your material to look as you expect it to be and without any white borders. Additionally, you can use InDesign or Photoshop to add bleed though you have to do it manually when using Photoshop. If you want to make sure you are adding the bleed perfectly, you can also use our free template available on the product page of the product you are trying to order.
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