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C4 kuvertstorlek

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Vad är C4-storlek för kuvert?

[C4-kuvert] (/ standardenvelopes-c4) är de största universella kuverten du hittar. Sådana kuvert är vanliga eftersom deras mått på 324 x 229 mm gör det möjligt att passa A4-papper. Detta är därför det valbara kuvertet för dem som inte vill lägga in sina A4-dokument. Den stora storleken på C4-kuvert erbjuder också en stor mängd utrymme för en kreativ design eller för att visa upp din varumärkeslogotyp.

C4 Kuvertmått i millimeter, centimeter och tum

Pappersformat: C4 kuvert
Mått i millimeter: 324 x 229 mm
Mått i centimeter: 32,4 x 22,9 cm
Mått i tum: 12,76 x 9.02
Tryckta flyers &<br>

Tryckta flyers &

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När ska jag använda C4 kuvert?

C4 envelopes can be your envelope of choice for a number of different purposes. The large surface offered by C4 size envelopes should be leveraged by getting creative and using it as a marketing medium in itself rather than a simple envelope. In general, C4 envelopes are most common for sending important business and transactional letters. Anything from contracts to invoices are commonly sent in such envelopes as they are formal documents which cannot be folded. Such envelopes can therefore contribute to giving your brand a professional image by avoiding folding documents.

Another less known use for such an envelope is to hand it out at your events or your fairs as a way to group all useful information for visitors in one place. The envelopes can include badges, a plan, a program, promotional material from sponsors and anything else. This is a great cheap alternative to paper or cotton bags which are much more expensive, offering a credible option for those on a lower budget.

Choosing a C4 size envelope is one thing, but it is also important to choose the right type of envelope. Aside from the standard envelope, Helloprint offers various envelopes depending on your needs. Is the content fragile? Opt for our padded envelopes. Do you want to make a strong impact with a large design? Opt for our full surface envelopes. Do you need to send a crucial contract? Opt for our board backed envelopes. Once you have chosen the type of C4 envelope with your prefered specifications, rest assured that we will deliver it at the best price and most efficient turnaround.

C4 envelopes are common to send formal A4 documents which should not be folded such as contracts. Their large size offers a vast amount of space to get creative with your design and stand out from competitors.

Printing resolution for C4 Envelopes

To output an image with the best quality, it’s important to set up the right resolution. A resolution of 229 x 324 mm at 300 ppi (pixels per inch). Don’t forget to add bleed! Bleed is essential if you want your printed products to show up as you expected. Add a bleed of 3 mm on all sides of your design. InDesign has an easy tool with which you can add bleed easily. Photoshop requires you to add it manually. Not sure if you added bleed the right way? Check our free templates on the product page of the product you’re ordering.
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