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A4-häftens storlek

Allt om <br> A4-häften

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Vad är A4-storlek för häften?

Att använda [A4-broschyrer] (/ booklets-a4) är idealiskt för att marknadsföra ditt märke eftersom det kommer med massor av sidor som kan innehålla dina olika produkter och tjänster samt kontaktinformation. Dessutom mäter de 210 x 297 mm och erbjuder gott om utrymme för kreativ design och minnesvärd text, vilket säkert kommer att uppmärksamma dina kunder på nolltid.

A4 Booklets dimensioner i millimeter, centimeter och tum

Pappersformat: A4 Booklet
Mått i millimeter: 210 x 297 mm
Mått i centimeter: 21 x 29,7 cm
Mått i tum: 8,27 x 11,69 kupor
Berätta för din __story__

Berätta för din story

Gör din egen sida-turner
från omslag till omslag!

När ska jag använda A4 Booklets?

A4 booklets make for great promotional materials as they have many pages and offer more than sufficient design and text space for you to showcase any relevant information about your brand. Furthermore, its size ensures that your visuals are large enough to be seen at a close distance, increasing the chances of your prospects picking up your booklet. Its standard size also means that your customers can keep it in their business luggage or backpack for future reading.

Aside from these features, there are different kinds of booklet binding available such as stapled booklets, which lets you open them flat at the centre. In fact, this can give you the chance to incorporate a design, which can only be appreciated if the material is opened flat at the centre. For instance, the design can be a map of the city showcasing the locations of each of your brands.

There is also the coil or spiral binding, which may be similar to stapled booklets but requires holes along the left corner of its pages and inserting a metal or plastic wire through the holes. Meanwhile, perfect bound booklets come with pages that are securely and seamlessly fastened together at the spine to create a perfect look.

Choosing A4 booklets is a cost-efficient strategy that will certainly draw your customers in. Feel free to get in touch with us right away for more information about this booklet size and we will be more than happy to show you what else it can do for your business.

Printing resolution for A4 Booklets

A4 booklet images should be 210 x 297 mm at 300 dpi for a perfect quality image. It is also important to add a 3mm bleed on all sides to avoid the end print from developing white borders. This can easily be done by using InDesign or Photoshop though you have to add the bleed on the latter manually. You also have the option to use our free templates available on the product page of the product you are trying to order.

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