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Tamanho do folheto DL

Tudo sobre <br> DL Folhetos

Tudo sobre
DL Folhetos

Qual é o tamanho __DL para os folhetos?

Os [Folhetos DL](/halffoldleaflets-Portrait-dl Link to DL leaflet printing) medem 99 x 210 mm e são orientados para designs adaptados ao formato retrato. Este formato significa que o teu design deve ser orientado verticalmente ou numa posição vertical para melhor valor estético. O DL significa “dimensão longitudinal”, sendo um tamanho mais curto que o A6, mas maior e um terço do A4.

Medidas do folheto DL em milímetros, centímetros e polegadas

Formato: Flyer Quadrado S
__ Milímetros __ 99 x 210 mm
Centímetros 9,9 x 21 cm
Polegadas 3,9 x 8,3 polegadas
Impresso <br>
__Folhas dobradas__

Folhas dobradas

Imprimir folhetos dobrados acessíveis a
impulsionar o seu negócio ou evento!

Quando devo usar DL Folhetos Dobrados?

These leaflets are mostly used for outdoor promotions such as advertising new credit cards, restaurant menu, and anything similar. While their vertical orientation only supports portrait designs, they still offer ample space for marketing and eye-catching text. You can use this feature to perhaps deliver a heart-warming or inspirational message to your prospects, allowing you to showcase your brand’s sincerity to them. Text can also be your company’s historical background or products and services that you provide.

At the same time, they are big enough to be noticeable and small enough to be carried and distributed conveniently even in high-traffic events such as conventions and or fairs. Furthermore, the recipients of your leaflet will be able to keep them in their possession without any hassle. This means they will likely end up checking it out at a later time than simply dismissing them. Furthermore, you can choose from a wide variety of folds such as tri-fold, z-fold, half-fold or simply unfolded.

For instance, DL Z-fold leaflets allow to fit more information and sophisticated designs than on a simple unfolded leaflet. Making use of tri-fold leaflets is mostly recommended for fairs and exhibitions as the folds create more structure between different pieces of information. It also makes it possible to add a map. Finally, it is common to use half-fold for larger chunks of text and heavier visuals, and these can also be used as a folder to hold additional documents.

Going for DL leaflets is ideal if you are planning to attend a special event such as a branch opening or a trade fair, where attendance of prospects is likely to be high. Feel free to check with us for more information about DL leaflets for an informed decision.

Printing resolution for DL leaflets

For your DL leaflets to have the best quality image, it is essential to have a resolution of 99 x 210 at 300 dpi. You should also keep in mind to add bleed as not doing so will cause your print to have unpleasant white borders on each side after being printed and trimmed. You can easily do this through InDesign or with Photoshop. Just note that doing it on Photoshop requires you to add the bleed manually. On the other hand, you can use our free templates instead which you can find on the product page of the product you are ordering.
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