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Impressão de folhetos dobrados

Quando houver uma história a ser contada, adicione uma dobra extra! Ótimo para quando você tiver informações adicionais e um folheto simplesmente não será suficiente.

  • Disponível em vários tipos de papel
  • Excelente Relação Qualidade/Preço
  • Available from just 25 pieces

Are you in a hurry?

Confira nossas opções mais rápidas!

Como você gostaria de dobrá-lo?



Os folhetos semi-dobrados têm quatro páginas com espaço mais que suficiente para promover convenientemente seus negócios.



Triplique sua atenção usando folhetos Tri-Fold, ideais para menus e promoções de produtos.

Dobra em Z

Dobra em Z

Os folhetos com dobra em Z são uma ótima maneira de contar sua história passo a passo de maneira espaçosa.

Dobra em rolo

Dobra em rolo

Desenrole sua mensagem com nossos folhetos Roll Fold e obtenha o luxo de 8 páginas espaçosas!

Dobra cruzada

Dobra cruzada

Nossos folhetos Cross-Fold oferecem muito espaço para imagens grandes e informações maiores.



Os folhetos W-Fold têm quatro seções que formam uma forma W quando dobradas, com 8 páginas espaçosas.



Os folhetos semi-dobrados têm quatro páginas com espaço mais que suficiente para promover convenientemente seus negócios.

Why folded leaflets have managed to stick around

You may have noticed that the folded leaflet is as popular as ever. This print classic has been around for quite some time now and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere! Although much of advertising is ‘going digital’, many working within corporate marketing understand that the smartest approach to promotional campaigns is utilising both online and offline channels. For this reason the question remains; why exactly has folded leaflet printing remained in the everchanging print landscape.

The wide range of size options means they can be efficiently distributed. Whether it be A6, A4, or 1/3 A3, there are many sizes possible when it comes to leaflet folds. This makes them ideal for various methods of distribution, especially if they’re intended to be brochures or promotional menus. For example, the DL size can easily fit within standard envelopes which is an asset to anyone opting for frequent direct mail campaigns. Sizes like A5 and DL are also convenient as handouts because they can be neatly tucked into the pockets and bags of prospective customers. Furthermore, any one of these compact sizes can fit unobtrusively in magazines, catalogues. This also applies to business premises like bars, travel agents, and clubs where they can be kept in view so your details, offers and instructions receive more publicity.

This is one of the reasons why folded leaflet printing has remained a staple when it comes to marketing material. They’re extremely versatile and can be used for multiple contexts, whether that be wedding invitations, festivals, gig advertisements, or your company’s brochure. This has only been strengthened by the ability to upload a flyer’s one or double-sided PDF artwork to the websites of online printers for seamless ordering. This can land you with a variety of high quality folded or unfolded leaflets, which is now essentially synonymous with a cheap folded leaflet and can be downloaded and produced at a later date.

Dê aos seus folhetos dobrados o toque final perfeito!


Ótimo para quando você tem muitas imagens em seu trabalho artístico para adicionar um brilho extra ao seu design!


O melhor acabamento quando você tem uma combinação de texto e imagens, pois não é muito brilhante para que seu texto continue legível.

Fácil para escrever

Utilize-o quando desejar tornar o seu folheto um formulário ou gravável. Lembre-se de que as imagens ficarão um pouco mais opacas em papel gravável.


Nosso papel reciclado de 80 g/m² é a escolha perfeita para quem está consciente do impacto que causa no meio ambiente.


Esse plástico de 300gsm é à prova d'água, o que o torna ideal para limpar a superfície várias vezes. Útil em bares, restaurantes e afins.

Pegue suas notas adesivas!

135gsm - Slim

É um pouco mais espessa do que uma nota adesiva, perfeita para folhetos promocionais que serão distribuídos para um grande número de pessoas.

170gsm - médio

Pouco menos de duas notas adesivas, este documento envia uma mensagem profissional e é excelente para feiras e eventos de negócios para impressionar clientes em potencial.

250gsm - Padrão

Entre a espessura de duas e três notas adesivas, este documento permite que o leitor saiba que a mensagem impressa neste documento é importante!

400gsm - Grosso

Com a espessura de quatro notas adesivas, essa espessura do papel é perfeita para criar um panfleto premium de luxo com um pouco mais de peso e substância.

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Have you been using these 4 design tips?

There a different areas you can pay attention to when it comes to designing your leaflets. Have you been making use of these design tips?

1. Colour combinations Believe it or not, the colours you choose to incorporate into your hand out can influence those that read it. Therefore, it bodes well to spend some time thinking about who you’re targeting; who will benefit from your promotions? This can help you discover the appropriate colour palette to work with. For instance, colours like blue are known to be mind-soothing and associated with clear thoughts and concentration. Other colours like reds, yellows and oranges are attention grabbing and also uplifting, which is good for encouraging action.

2. Use of fonts It is useful to think about the typography of your folded flyer. You may be really fond of using ‘Baskerville’ but is the easiest letter form to read? Will your message jump out from each page or will it blend in with the copy to the point that your information is no longer legible from a glance when printed? Considering the best font to compliment your colour palette can really help your details stand out; enticing more people to pick up your leaflet folds and visit your website.

3. Layout is the link When you’re designing the layout of your folded flyer, it is good to first consider the type of fold you will be getting (is it a half fold, trifold, Z-fold leaflet etc.?) and secondly, what journey do you want the customer to go on. If the first thing they see is the address of your business, this is unlikely to catch their eye or interest them enough to read further.

4. Content can be key When it comes to describing the details, you want to include text that is quick to read. It’s good to keep in mind that people generally appreciate the ease and benefits of a product, so your main job is to convince them in a concise amount of words about what they stand to gain, and why they should choose your services over others. Here, using bullet points is a simple way to be concise and construct an understandable call to action so the reader knows exactly what is being asked of them. Also including a discount code or offer can help ‘seal the deal’ and cement their interest.

One last thing, and this goes without saying, one typo can detract from a well-designed leaflet with your logo. The last thing you want is to print hundreds or thousands of brilliant flyers explaining your business only for them to be unusable because of one error. At the end of the day, it could save you more precious time and cash to double check what you aim to produce. Doing so will help you avoid having to re-due them and will also establish your brand as a dependable and reliable business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to print a folded leaflet?

At Helloprint, we are aiming to offer competitive prices all year long. You can get 25 custom folded leaflets from just £ 18.95 (excl. VAT). However, prices do vary because of factors like: quantities, materials, sizes, accessories and delivery options.

What is a folded leaflet?

Much like posters, newsletters, booklets and banners can act as adverts; folded flyers can be a more comprehensive format to keep both established and new customers aware of your product offers, discounts or events.

How long does it takes to make a folded leaflet?

We offer various turnaround times for our printed folded leaflets. This can range from one day delivery to longer, depending on the details of the folded leaflets and delivery type selected. However, it is usually takes no longer than 7 days.

How do I track the success of my campaign?

  • Tracking the success of a leaflet can be done if you include a limited time only discount or offer. If you’ve attached a discount code then it is possible follow how many times it was used.
  • The same can be said if you include a QR barcode which people can scan with their smartphones and tablets. This is an interactive way to engage reader; you can track their use to see how many times people scan them and are directed to a specific web page.
  • You will also be able to tell if there is an increase in emails, phone calls or website traffic following an advertising campaign.. This can also be supported by a registration procedure or survey to gain more insight into your customer base. Naturally, whether it is through a survey or over the phone, you can ask a question like “where did you find out about us?” to learn more.