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A fly marketing campaign starts with the right flyer.

With so many material and finish options at Helloprint, you can go wild with your campaigns. Choose the material that will suit your marketing purpose best. You can shine bright with our special materials in metallic glitter colours, go subtle with natural white paper or be sustainable with multiple environmentally-friendly options.

It all starts with the right material!

Dê aos seus folhetos o toque final perfeito!

Unleash your inner designer

Choose from one of our 1,000 attractive designs that are super easy to customise!

Here are out top tips for the best flyer design:

1. Know you purpose

When starting a campaign, make sure you know exactly what you want to achieve with it and highlight your aim in the design. A sale announcement would have a completely different design than a new product announcement, right?

2. An image is worth a thousand words

Nothing catches the eye more than a beautiful design. Just make sure it has a crispy resolution.

3. Content is KING

The main aim of your flyer is to inform, so keep information clear and simple and don’t overload the design. These are the basics:

  • Have a clear headline with the main message
  • Keep fonts readable
  • Keep the first page clean and simple
  • Add detailed contact information on the back

For more useful tips on how to design your flyer, check out our video on how to design a flyer in under two minutes.

Still not sure what to go for? Check out how these finishes look in real life?