Helloprint's best half year ever!

Closing the first half year 2022 with some records to celebrate


At Helloprint, we’re improving what needs to be improved and we’re celebrating what is successful. After a challenging 1,5 years during the pandemic, we’re very pleased to note a true record half-year in the first 6 months of 2022. Some highlights:

Helloprint 2022 [results first half year]

A whopping 73% profitable revenue growth compared to last year

The first half-year of 2022 was a year with 4 consecutive record months in a row. We celebrated many milestones, from our best-mont-ever in France to the first milestones in Italy, a record breaking margin and many more. As always, we celebrate this in our own way: In our infamous celebration room in Rotterdam and in our living in Valencia.

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Growth of 66 team members from 28 countries and way more backgrounds

We’re very proud to welcome again 66 new team members to the company. They come from 28 countries all over the world and even more backgrounds, which makes the total amount of nationalities at 39. This diversity if what really brings the energy in the company, we believe. In all our offices, English is our common language and we are grateful that so many talented people are finding their way to Helloprint.

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54% more new and happy customers on our European platform 

We don't only grow fast in people, but also in terms of customers, who are finding their way to our marketplace for customized printed products. In the first half-year of 2022, the number of new customers increased with almost 54%, a record growth. For the second half year, we expect this number to go further up. 

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31% growth in local production and carrier partners, reducing cost, speed of delivery and CO2

One of our most important ambitions is to reduce the carbon footprint of our platform massively. That’s why we’re proud to say that we have the largest network of producers and carriers for customized print products in the world. In the first half year of 2022, 31 % of our products were produced and shipped locally, a number that is expected to go up with another 20% in the second half of 2022. In our new Sustainability Report, which will be published early Q1 2023, we will zoom in further on our ambitions here.

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103 new eco products added to our catalogue (just a veeeery small start, way more to come) 

In our product portfolio, we are moving more and more towards an eco-friendly offering. In the first half-year of 2022, we’ve added 103 new eco products to our offering. On our roadmap, we have clear goals to further accelerate the transition here, to come closer to our ambition to become the largest and most sustainable marketplace for customized print products in the world.

>14.000 customers chose to support the Purus Project

Together with our partner EcoCart from Silicon Valley, we’re offering our customers the possibility to offset the CO2 emissions they cause with their order. The donation is invested in  the Purus Project, a Tropical Rainforest conservation project. This project contributes to environmental and social benefits, such as the mitigation of climate change, conservation of habitat for endangered and threatened species and the establishment of alternative sources of income and employment opportunities among others. Although we are happy with this number and collaboration, CO2 compensation is not our end-goal, meaning that we are also working towards reducing the product carbon footprint from the start.

38% of our BCorp ambition realised, and on our mission to be certified at the start of 2023

We’re on a mission to become the first BCorp marketplace for customized print products in the world. Being a B Corp certified company means that a company meets the highest global standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. At Helloprint, we believe that a better world starts with acting yourself, and that’s why we invest massively in changing our behavior to apply for this important certification. The BCorp framework enables u, to incorporate environmental & social factors in our strategy in a structured way.. The past half year we made an important legal commitment by changing our corporate governance structure to be accountable to all stakeholders, not just shareholders. With this change, we make a serious pledge to our ambitions in this field.

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An all-time high Net Promoter Score of 52 and a Truspilot score of 4.5

The first half-year of 2022 also brought us a new all-time high in Net Promoter Score, the recognition of trust by our customers. Furthermore, our Truspilot score across all countries increased, bringing the average score at 4.5, the highest range possible. With our team of +250 specialist and over 300 local manufacturers in the world, we’re working day in, day out on making our customers the happiest on the planet. Having a challenge? Team Helloprint to the rescue!


We're on a mission to disrupt the print industry by creating the world's largest and most sustainable marketplace for customized products. Are we there yet? No, not at all, but with this amazing team of motivated professionals, we're sure we're on the right path.

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