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ABN AMRO's Impact Nation connects Helloprint with US carbon offset company

One of the companies that recently completed the Impact Nation program is Helloprint, one of the largest print platforms in the world. They also faced a major sustainability challenge, because: how do you make a print company sustainable? No wonder they knocked on Impact Nation. With their network it must be possible to find a good partner to make it more sustainable, right? Read how the road to sustainability went for Helloprint.

Helloprint wants to be at the forefront of sustainability

Helloprint is a platform that brings together supply and demand for printing. Their database full of partners and suppliers, together with a large number of customers on their website, has led to an enormous advance in the print industry in recent years. “We are real disrupters,” says Project Lead Sustainability Jurriaan Bos. “What we want is to be ahead of the curve. We want to be at the forefront in the field of technology, but also in the field of sustainability,” he continues.

Unfortunately, the printing industry is not the most frugal industry. That is why at Helloprint they are looking for ways to respond to sustainability and they want to take steps in the field of sustainability. After jointly defining their goals, Impact Nation brought Helloprint in touch with EcoCart: a scale-up from San Francisco that developed a tool to offset CO2 emissions.

Compensate for CO2 emissions with every order

With every purchase, the consumer is given the option to tick 'Make my purchase CO2-neutral' during the checkout. For a small additional cost, EcoCart then compensates for the CO2 emissions that Helloprint makes with an order. They have expertise in the e-commerce market, which is why it is so valuable to work with them, says Jurriaan. Then you have a bit of the same DNA and the same mindset, which makes it easier to work towards a goal together.
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“The carbon offset tool recently went live, so customers can offset their carbon emissions on all flyer orders. That is reinvested or, for example, invested in reforestation.” But that is not all. According to Jurriaan, there are also plans to offer the most sustainable choice in the future. With every order, Helloprint provides an overview of various suppliers, ranked on the basis of sustainability, price and turnaround.

Impact Nation turned out to be the kickstart for Helloprint's sustainable mission

Impact Nation has really been our kickstart, Jurriaan says. You give a very specific mission and continuously adjust. It's kind of a maze, and you structure it really well. he continues. I think the best thing is that you guys know how to coordinate the matches so well. There are many companies that do something with sustainability, but how do you get in touch with them and how do you find the best partner? This really creates an innovation hub and that is very clever.

Jurriaan is convinced that it is intrinsic motivation that Impact Nation is all about and that people want to do something right. ‘You want to commit yourself to the climate, for example sustainability. With Impact Nation you make a commitment that you can always fall back on. After 100 days you want to have something in place, because you are making a commitment and you want to keep it. You want to show that you have created something beautiful. It helps us enormously in shaping our mission!', he concludes.


Want to make your company more sustainable through Impact Nation?

It can be difficult to start a sustainable business. Focusing on sustainable production or is it smarter to think about a sustainable product? Impact Nation is happy to help you with such issues and quickly puts you in touch with sustainable partners to take up your challenge. For more information, please contact the Impact Nation team at [email protected].

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