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Helloprint secures financing round with ABN AMRO

Strategic collaboration and a financial injection of millions to promote international growth and to boost platform development.

Rotterdam, 18th of April 2019


Online print platform Helloprint selects ABN-AMRO for its new round of growth-financing. The bank and Europe’s fastest growing print service have just closed a long-term agreement with substantial financial investments of millions of euros.

New Capital for Growth

After a few rounds of capital injection by our investors, it's great to see that the next big round will be done by a Dutch bank with faith in our e-commerce platform model, and especially in our team, said CEO and Founder Hans Scheffer of Helloprint. Our platform is experiencing strong international growth and the stretch is still far from our model. That is why a strategic cooperation with a bank such as ABN-AMRO is highly desirable. Their TMT department understands our business model and the fluctuations that a technology scale-up has like no other, and that is an important basis. Moreover, they focus on companies with a strong management team, which we see as a compliment. We are therefore looking forward to a beautiful joint future .

Focus on data and platform development

With the new financing, Helloprint will continue to focus on the further development of the e-commerce platform, in particular on the smarter usage of big data. “Our business model focuses on connecting European print producers who offer their print products to our customers through our platform. These are now around 500,000 customers in 8 European countries”, says Scheffer. “The data that we collect from this and that we have collected over the past 6 years provides valuable insights into customer behavior and helps us make smarter choices on both the customer and supplier side. Our focus in the coming period will therefore be on further strengthening that platform and the smart technology in the heart ”.

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About Helloprint

Helloprint is Europe's fastest growing online print provider with activities in 8 European countries. More than 500,000 customers use the platform to order all kinds of printed materials, ranging from promotional materials such as flyers and posters to printed corporate clothing, promotional gifts and photo gifts. More than 120 technology and marketing professionals operate from the Headquarters in Rotterdam, while a 100-strong team of European customer service is running from Valencia in Spain. With a turnover of more than 60 million euros, the Rotterdam company is one of the top players in Europe.


Hans Scheffer CEO [email protected]

Lennaert Koch CFO [email protected]

Peter van der Schaaf CCD [email protected]

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