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Helloprint partnership with EcoCart

Rotterdam, the Netherlands & San Francisco, US - Helloprint, Europe’s leading online marketplace for printed products, has kickstarted its sustainability commitment by launching a strategic partnership with San Francisco based start-up EcoCart. Ecocart offers an e-commerce plugin for businesses that allow customers to offset their carbon emissions at the checkout with one click. 

Our collaboration with EcoCart was an important strategic step to start promoting sustainability on our website says Lennaert Koch, CFO at Helloprint. We see that there is a big demand from digital consumers for more sustainability and that they are very eager to make a positive impact. Our collaboration with EcoCart has made it possible for us to be the first printing platform to offer offsetting not only for shipping emissions but also for the production and manufacturing of the product. 

Helloprint is offering a wide range of products for offsetting on their website and is supporting a forest conservation and restoration project in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.

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The Future of E-commerce is Sustainable 

Climate change mitigation is now a key focus across the globe. Given that today’s shopping behavior has switched dramatically towards online consumption, the opportunity of offsetting one’s carbon emissions at the checkout can play an important role in alleviating the risks of climate change. It is important that offsetting is not our only action to mitigate climate change, we need to continue working together with all stakeholders and set internal reduction strategies to make our impact future-proof. says Helloprint’s Sustainable Business Developer Megi Kass. 

As a Forbes under 30 company, Ecocart is a very fast-growing start-up with over 1500 customers worldwide that have successfully offset over 11.000 tons of CO2 from their e-commerce purchases. 

About Helloprint

Helloprint is Europe’s leading online print marketplace, operating in 13 European countries and serving over 700.000 European small businesses and consumers. The huge product portfolio of over 100.000 unique products varies from promotional products to clothing, packaging, gifts, sustainable products and many more customized products. A network of hundreds of European producers is taking care of the production of the printed products, while over 30 connected carriers are taking care of the delivery, all chosen via the company’s smart technology. Helloprint has the highest standards in the market when it comes down to quality and delivery and is rated “Excellent” via its Net Promoter Score and Customer Satisfaction Score. Helloprint guarantees its customers the quality via their unique “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” and the lowest price via its “Lowest Price Guarantee”.

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