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Spersonalizowane kalendarze

Make the New Year yours with personalised calendars. Benefit from 10% discount on calendars with the code XMAS10.

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Wydrukowane kalendarze adwentowe

To jest ta pora roku! Spójrzcie na nasze kalendarze adwentowe! Z mnóstwem opcji do wyboru, stwórz coś pożytecznego i ładnego do odliczania dni. Ciesz się wakacjami!

Frequently asked questions

What Can I Do With Personalised Calendars?

Personalised calendars make for great promotional gifts. Personalised calendars are practical gifts that you can use as corporate give aways, or as a part of a pack to pass out to new employees or colleagues. There's an element of timelessness that can be applied to calendars, making for at the very least an effective way to brighten your desk or office.
We have many printed calendar options available ranging from fully customisable wall calendars, to personalised desk calendars and to calendars with preprinted dates. You can have them small, you can have them big, making them perfect as individual gifts or as part of a pack.

How Soon Can I Get My Printed Calendars?

That really depends on what kind of calendar you choose, what materials and finishes go into it. Typically, the free delivery takes about 4-5 days, however, we do also have 2 business days and next business day delivery for some of our calendars. It is worth knowing that 1-day delivery is dependent on your design being submitted on time, as always indicated by the yellow bar above the “add to shopping cart” button. Faster deliveries do also come with some additional costs.

Which Carriers Do You Use For Personalised Calendars?

Our two main carriers are UPS or DPD. We also occasionally use DHL or even our own carriers, it really depends on which carrier can best deliver your personalised calendar to you.

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