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„Square L“ meniu kortelės dydis

Fullwidth-Top-Banner-Menu Card Formats

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kvadratinių L meniu kortelių dydį

Koks yra „__Square L“ dydis meniu kortelėms?

[Kvadratinė L meniu kortelė] (/ menucardsunfolded-carrelarge) yra viena didžiausių kvadratinio formato meniu kortelių, kurias galėsite rasti rinkoje. Tai puikus būdas išsiskirti iš visų standartinių stačiakampio formos meniu kortelių, kartu išlaikant pakankamai vietos, kad tilptų visas jūsų meniu. Kvadratinių L meniu kortelių matmenys yra 210 x 210 mm, o jų paviršiaus plotas yra maždaug 3/4 A4 formato lapo paviršiaus.

Kvadrato L meniu kortelės matmenys milimetrais, centimetrais ir coliais

Paper formatas: L Kvadrato L meniu kortelė
Dydžiai milimetrais: 210 x 210 mm
Dydžiai centimetrais: 21 x 21 cm
Dimensijos coliais : 8,27 x 8,27 iš

Kada turėčiau naudoti „Square L“ meniu korteles?

Square L menu cards is a less common but nonetheless very efficient alternative to standard A4 menu cards. It’s square shape allows for more freedom on how to structure the content of your menu, as if it were a white canvas. This therefore allows for more creativity from your side to put certain meals or offer forward, or even use an original design which truly matches your restaurant’s identity. It is one of the small things you can do to help you different you from the other restaurants on the street.

Using large square menu cards also gives a professional feel to your menu card. If you are looking for additional space, you can opt for a double-sided menu card or folded menu cards which can triple the surface available for you to customise. By doing so, it also leaves you the option to add a cover to your menu, further tantalizing your guests’ appetite.

At Helloprint, large square size menus are available as unfolded menus with 4 different thicknesses to choose from, depending on your budget and on how you want to use them. These go from the slim 135gsm thickness to the solid 400gsm. You may then choose from 4 different finishes to give your menu that extra shine; you can even opt for writable menus! Finally, you can opt for single or double sided printing, up to you. Large square menus are also available as half fold, tri fold, Z fold and french fold menu cards. The choice is for you to make but as always, feel free to contact us for extra guidance.

Printing resolution for Square L Menu Cards

When printing an image of large square size, it is crucial to include the right resolution of 210 x 210 mm at 300 ppi (pixels per inch). To ensure your printed products will look the way you intended, add a 3 mm bleed on all sides of your design. This will prevent your products to be delivered with a white border around the design. InDesign allows you to easily add bleed with their built in tool, but you would have to add it manually in Photoshop. Not sure how to add bleed the right way? Use our free template on the product page of the product you’re ordering.

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