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Small Square Format

Small Square format banner Helloprint

Everything about
Small Square Format

Koks yra Mažos kvadrato formatas?

Mažas kvadratinis formatas yra 105 x 105 mm, todėl idealiai tinka pasirinkti formatą leaflets, nes jie yra maži, todėl juos lengviausia nešiotis ir platinti dideliais kiekiais. Be to, jie siūlo pakankamai erdvės dizainui, kad galėtumėte apibūdinti savo prekės ženklo pagrindinius produktus ir pateikti išsamią informaciją, pavyzdžiui, kainas ar galimas nuolaidas.

Mažų kvadratinių formatų matmenys milimetrais, centimetrais ir coliais

Popieriaus formatas: Mažasis kvadratinis formatas
Dydžiai milimetrais: 105 x 105 mm
Dydžiai centimetrais: 10,5 x 10,5 cm
Dymenys coliais: 4,13 x 4,13 iš

Kada turėčiau naudoti Mažus kvadrato formatus?

Small square is typically the chosen format for leaflets as its size makes the promotional materials easy to carry and hand over to people. Furthermore, this format has enough space for you to include minimal design complemented by brief and concise text, making your marketing media more eye-catching.

For instance, you can simply incorporate one or two of your brand’s top-selling products or services. In fact, you can even just put your company logo on the material and focus more on its text. This can be anything from your company’s mission and vision, or upcoming promotions and available discounts. Small square advertising material is handed out to prospects, who can then consult the information at whatever time is most convenient to them, having a lasting impact. This is unlike posters that rely on prospects retaining information after viewing them.

Additionally, this format is great for disseminating information about your brand as you can produce and distribute as much as you need. After all, small promotional materials are easier and more affordable to reproduce, making them cost-efficient. Simply carrying a bundle of them lets you hand them over to a multitude of people in high-traffic areas such as malls, roads, and or establishments including universities and convention centres. This can lead to an increase in your brand’s publicity, which can help you get more sales output.

Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about this format so as to help you make a sound decision in choosing the best size and promotional material for your marketing needs, or head straight to our website to consult our offering.

Printing resolution for Small Square Formats

To achieve perfect quality image for your small square print, it is vital for you to set the resolution to 105 x 105 mm at 300 dpi. It is also essential to add a 3 mm bleed as to avoid any unwanted white borders from appearing after printing your materials. You can easily do this through the use of InDesign and Photoshop. Do note, that when using Photoshop, you have to manually add the bleed as it does not take the bleed into account. You can also rely on our free templates, which are available on the product page where you are ordering your product.

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