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A4 Brochure Size

Koks yra brošiūrų A4 dydis?

Brošiūros yra reklaminė medžiaga, paprastai naudojama norint parodyti jūsų verslo produktus ir paslaugas. Įprastos [A4 formato brošiūra] (/ trifoldlefflets-portrait-a4 Link to A4 brošiūros spausdinimas ) matmenys yra 210 x 297 mm. Be produktų ir paslaugų, juose gali būti tokios informacijos kaip jūsų įmonės misija, vizija ir jos istorija.

A4 Brošiūros matmenys milimetrais, centimetrais ir coliais

Popieriaus formatas: A4 Brošiūros
Dydžiai milimetrais: 210 x 297 mm
Dydžiai centimetrais: 21 x 29,7 cm
Dymenys coliais: 8,27 x 11,69 per

Kada turėčiau naudoti A4 brošiūras?

A4 brochures make for ideal promotional items as they have plenty of pages you can use to feature your brand’s bestselling products and services. With their standard size of 210 x 297 mm, they offer more than sufficient space for you to present everything you want your prospects to know about your company.

Additionally, their standard size makes it easy for people in a close distance to have a clear glance of your brand. With an eye-catching design, your brochure will be able to get your prospects curious enough to get a copy of your company’s brochure. Moreover, this particular brochure size is more noticeable especially in high-traffic areas or when there are other competing media within the area.

There are different kinds of brochures available such as stapled booklets, which lets you open it flat at the centre. In fact, this can give you the chance to incorporate a design, which can only be appreciated if the booklet is opened flat at the centre. For instance, the design can be a map of the city showcasing the locations of each of your brands.

There is also the coil or spiral binding, which may be similar to stapled booklets but requires holes along the left corner of its pages and inserting a metal or plastic wire through the holes. Meanwhile, perfect bound booklets come with pages that are securely and seamlessly fastened together at the spine to create a perfect look.

Whether you are celebrating your brand’s anniversary or participating in a trade fair, you can be sure that distributing A4 brochures is a great way to increase your brand’s exposure. After all, Feel free to check our website for more information about our standard size booklet.

Printing tips for A4 brochures.

When submitting a design, it would be ideal to have a 3 mm bleed allowance and a 4 mm safety margin. You should also note that different booklets or brochures have minimum pages to be considered as such. For instance, stapled booklets need at least 8 pages, perfect bound should be 52 pages, and wire-o-binding a minimum of 10 pages. For A4 brochure printing, it is essential for your resolution to be of at least 300 dpi as anything below leads to a low-quality image.

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