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A3 Posters Size

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A3 Posters

Koks yra A3 dydis plakatams?

[A3 plakatai] (/ plakatai-a3) yra ekonomiškai efektyvi lauko reklaminė medžiaga, nes dėl mažo dydžio jas lengva atkurti, nes sutaupote daugiau pinigų gamybai. Be to, nors jų paviršiaus plotas yra ribotas, jis vis tiek leidžia jums integruoti paprastus, bet patrauklius dizainus ir trumpą, bet svarbią informaciją.

A3 Plakato matmenys milimetrais, centimetrais ir coliais

Popieriaus formatas: A3 Plakatas
Dydžiai milimetrais: 297 x 420 mm
Dydžiai centimetrais: 29,7 x 42 cm
Dymenys coliais: 11,69 x 16,54 į


Flyers &
Folded Leaflets

Print affordable Flyers or Folded leaflets to boost your business or event!

Kada turėčiau naudoti A3 plakatus?

A3 posters are ideal if you are on a low budget but still want some visibilty; it is a great format for indoor advertising such as in hallways or corridors as it is nor too small, nor too big. In fact, you can even potentially distribute them for added brand exposure. They are also small enough for your prospects to keep in their bags without much trouble. This means it is very likely for those who took your posters to read them during their spare time. This can then potentially lead to some word-of-mouth from your recipients, telling other people about what your brand has to offer.

Aside from these features, there are different A3 size poster materials that will surely add value to them. For instance, there is the standard 135 gsm gloss MC which is perfect for indoors. There is also the 115 gsm Blueback colour blocking for billboards and poster walls. There is 170 gsm PVC, which is waterproof, making it a great option for outdoor promotions. Finally, our range also includes double-sided posters, neon posters, sticky posters, photo posters and others, all for you to choose.

If you are looking for a reliable outdoor promotional material that is easy to reproduce and distribute, then go for A3 posters. To learn more about the different poster formats, feel free to get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help, or consult our poster offering directly.

Printing resolution for A3 Posters

The resolution needed to print A3 size images with the best quality is 297 x 420 mm at 300 ppi (pixels per inch). Please do note that you would still have to add a bleed of 3 mm on all sides of your design, to ensure you receive your printed products exactly as you expected. InDesign has a tool with which you can easily add bleed to your designs, but in Photoshop you will have to add bleed manually. Not sure if you added bleed the right way? Check our free templates on the product page of the product you’re ordering!

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