Culture of WoW

Culture of WoW

How to amaze your customers and business partners.

At Helloprint, we believe that ordering print should be as easy as a walk in the park. Therefore, “making ordering print easier. For everyone, everywhere” was and is Helloprint’s mission from the start. We love wowing our customers day in, and day out based on three key components:

1. Customer Happiness is the only goal

The one and only goal for our Customer Experience Agents is customer happiness. There isn’t any tight management on the number of phone calls or emails they need to answer. They won't let a tight budget keep them from giving our customers a fantastic experience. What is most important is that there are no strict rules or procedures to follow. Our agents only have one task and that is to exceed the customer’s expectations at every interaction. We call this “HelloWoW” moments at Helloprint.

2. Score boarding makes the happiness score a hot topic

HelloWoW moments shape the Customer Happiness Score (CHS) that is highly visible in the Customer Experience Centre (CEC). Wide-screen TVs around the office show the CHS per team, but also per agent. Due to this, the CHS has become a hot topic in the Centre. This helps create a healthy competition among the agents; one of our core values is “begin it to win it,” so everyone aims to be on top of the leaderboard. :-)

3. Story telling creates a culture of WoW

Agents are stimulated to share their WoW stories with other colleagues. It’s a contagious feeling that inspires colleagues to achieve WoW moments themselves. Sharing these stories generates a lot of positive energy in Helloprint’s CEC. Check out the example below and judge for yourself. ;-) Want to see how we do this in real life? Pass by our office in Valencia for a tour with our Customer Experience Manager; meet our the Team Leads and feel the vibe!