Monolith to Microservice

Monolith to Microservice

How to deal with Legacy Code

At Helloprint we are currently facing some interesting challenges. As a tech company, our biggest challenge is that we have “Legacy Code”. With our growth and upscaling ambitions, we need to make sure our systems are 110% future and growth proof. This is especially important, considering our prospective launch in the USA. To create order from our currently chaotic environment (the result of 5 years of such legacy code), our developers have decided to shift from a Monolith to a Micro Service architecture. But how does this work and how do we keep our developers happy at Helloprint? Well, it involves more than hackathons and the occasional nerf-gun sessions - although those are also pretty legendary!

Joao Madeira, “the CR7 of tech” and captain of our platform team explains what moves will have to be taken and where Confluent Kafka will kick in when building the platform from scratch. Confluent kafka is a state-of-the-art distributed event streaming platform, created by Linkedin and supported by Confluent. An absolute must to ensure scalability and promote growth. This is a project that will take the full attention of all of our tech teams.

Long gone are the days where we only had one techie (who also featured as a customer service agent, marketer and chief of empty boxes). Today, even our full tech department of 20 specialists, not including our external brothers of tech, is in dire need of some solid reinforcements to overcome these challenges. To make it happen - we need the best techies in town!

To find like-minded brothers and sisters of tech, we recently hosted a Kafka night at our tech headquarters - 42 workspace. 70 attendees came via php010, as Guido Schmutz (the Roger Federer of Kafka) shared his knowledge and discussed the potential of this technology that is not only essential for the big boys "Netflix & Linkedin" but also for smaller companies that have ambitions to grow into the biggest within their field. That’s us! Besides discussing different approaches on MicroService implementation, it was a great opportunity to strengthen the tech community in Rotterdam.

"the gap we see Kafka Streams filling is less the analytics-focused domain these frameworks focus on and more building core applications and microservices that process data streams.". - Jay Kreps -

Our techies are constantly looking out for like minded talent to join our tech Nights at tech hub 42workspace. If you eat Kafka for breakfast, hesitate a little longer but than eventually go to our jobsite

"There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure". - Joao Madeira -