Connecting the Dots

Connecting the Dots

Data (our Rocketfuel) at the Heart of our Organisation.

In a data-driven company like Helloprint you need some data-geeks as well. At Helloprint Alex, Frits & Deniz (sounds like a great Swiss fashion Brand, doesn’t it? ) are the guys that converted their technical Lego background into pure data magic. After presentations at the TU Delft (University of Technology) and visiting the Alteryx Inspire Conference in London (where our team was interviewed and asked to do some public speaking), our data-geeks thought it was time for an edition at the Helloprint Headquarters.

To start, it might be good to explain what Alteryx is. Alteryx is like Lego for data geeks. Have you ever owned a box of Legos? Do you remember how easily you could turn your thoughts into cars or spaceships? This is what using Alteryx feels like. You fit a few hundred pieces together and you have built an IT solution. Do you need to improve your solution? Easy, you add more Alteryx pieces. Add 5000 more pieces and you automate an entire department.

At Helloprint, we built Alteryx applications in various ways; We now use Alteryx for data blending, insights, price optimization, and yes, we even automated an entire department. Most of Helloprint’s Alteryx solutions are built by two people: Alex & Frits.

Alex uses his systems engineering genius to build applications that are robust and scalable, and Frits leverages his liberal dark arts wizardry to translate people’s needs into solid blueprints. On the crossroads of engineering and humanities, we find the best solutions ;-)

Are you data-minded and data-loving and does the above has your interest? Be sure to check our vacancies at and come on board. The pirate ship is about to leave!