Netflix of Print

Netflix of Print

Meet the Einsteins of Tech and their most modern stack possible

At Helloprint we're changing our entire technology stack going from an old school monolith held together by duct tape and dreams, to a cutting edge microservice infrastructure running on Google Cloud with Docker and Kubernetes.

We're rolling this out across the entire helloprint technology group and are scaling up in systems, services, and skills as needs are met for all our customers. We're running on the most modern stack possible, so modern that even the developers of external services sometimes have to ask us questions about what the H*ll is actually going on.

Obviously we just tell them: we’re conquering the world!

Our developers lead by example with their Hackathons and Red Bull fueled sessions, where they refuse to go home before things are done. The rest of our organization follows this dedication and mindset with our bi-annual 'Season Prep Hackathon'

At helloprint, when moving in a lighting fast organization, replacing the technological foundations of our entire company, while every part of the organization needs to keep running with a growth of 40% is a challenge on its own.

Add on top of that an aging legacy infrastructure that's well into its limitations from all sides, an organization that not only moves fast but lives on the cutting edge of the industry to keep their competition on their toes and their customers wowed to high heaven and you’ve got a recipe ripe for the picking.

This is why our IT team is also the dream team - building Netflix didn’t go without hurdles and hard choices and this team is a dedicated powerhouse able to bring down all the walls in our organization with the sheer force of coding excellence.

Read an in-depth interview with one of our tech Product Owners 'Dragan' here