Wir sind Berliners

Wir sind Berliners

'Data Driven Berliners' thanks to a great partnership with Project-A

Friday October 4th we received the 'A-Award for Outstanding Data' at PAKCon19. A great achievement for our team at Helloprint and especially everyone at the Business Intelligence team for all the hard work that made us the data-driven company we are today!

A special thanks to Martin Loetzsch, Philipp Werner and Ole Bossdorf (Project A) for a great collaboration the past two years and a great edition of the PAKCon19.

In Europe’s tech capital Berlin resides Project A. This German operational venture capitalist & tech powerhouse is our strategic partner since 2017. Our BI & Data teammembers visit Berlin on regular basis to share knowledge, information and expertise.

At Project A we receive operational help, strategic advise, we share insights and meet other up and coming start-ups as we strive for excellence. Our team also takes part in seminars, panel discussions and follows trainings organised in this vibrant German city. Even though we don't have a German office yet we do feel 'Wir sind Berliners!

We strongly identify with the ambitious can-do attitude and the positive spirit at Helloprint. We are grateful that our expertise is being valued highly by the team and always enjoy to be involved operationally to strive for excellence together. Stay rad!“


P.S. We're hiring! If you are - or know - an experienced Data Engineer then have a look here