design yourself #2

design yourself #2

What makes Helloprint a good company for marketeers?

A Day in the life of Sanne van Breemen, Team Lead Campaigns & Traffic

Hi Sanne, you’ve been working at Helloprint for 3,5 years now, can you tell us a bit about your journey so far.

I joined Helloprint 3,5 years ago as PPC manager. From there I’ve been in various teams working on different topics and projects, but always related to marketing. I think the biggest development I’ve made is in my own t-shape. When I came in I was really a PPC specialist. I knew everything about Google Ads, product feeds, retargeting, etc. But I had very little knowledge about all the other topics that play a role in the customer journey and that actually had an impact on the performance of my PPC campaigns. So the past years at Helloprint that’s something I’ve grown tremendously. I’ve worked on category management, data analyses, customer feedback, retention, conversion rate optimization. And more recently I’ve started to learn more about pricing and supply. So my knowledge is much broader now, which helps me to be a better marketer. But I also believe my soft skills improved a lot. I’m more critical, I gained a lot of experience in public speaking, but also in giving feedback for example and leading a team.

What makes Helloprint a good company for marketeers?

I think there are a couple of reasons why Helloprint is a good company for marketers: First, a lot of marketers have tunnel vision and are focused on the results of their own channel. Especially when you work for example at an agency or when you are an in-house specialist. This was also the case in the companies I previously worked at, which were a lot bigger than Helloprint. At Helloprint you’re forced to look outside your bubble. You get a way broader business sense. What are important KPIs for the total business and how can I contribute to them? And we’re also very open in sharing those results. Second, there are a lot of opportunities at Helloprint. I’ve seen a lot of people grow really fast from junior to marketing experts. But there’s no one that’s going to hand it to you on a platter. You do have to pick up the opportunities that are lying around. For example, if you have a good idea there’s a lot of freedom to test stuff. And there’s also a lot to learn from colleagues around you, who are always happy to help or explain stuff to you.

What is your biggest achievement in the company?

My biggest achievement is that I got invited to speak at a Google event in Dublin. When you work at Helloprint, you get used to working on pretty advanced stuff and being able to act fast. However, when you talk to other companies you realize that it’s actually pretty cool what you’re doing. So in this case, it started with an article that we wrote together with Google and that they published on their blog. It was about work we automated within PPC and how we were using Customer Lifetime Value to optimise our acquisition efforts. And following that article, we got the question via our account manager at Google to speak at one of their digital marketing events in Dublin. So that was very scary, but also very cool!

You’re also part of Helloprint’s Culture Committee. Can you tell me a bit more about that?

The reason for me to work at Helloprint is our unique company culture. We really have a group of motivated and passionate colleagues. Which makes me extra motivated and passionate to work here. Therefore I think it’s very important to protect and develop this culture. So when at the beginning of this year Hans, our CEO, announced there would be a Culture Committee, I knew I wanted to be part of that. And so I applied and I’m now one of 6 Helloprinters representing the voice of everyone in the Helloprint Group. We have an advisory role towards our Management Team and Talent & Culture. For example about maintaining our culture while working from home, performance reviews, etc.

What would be your tip to someone who wants to work in digital marketing?

University degrees are great, but they don’t prepare you for a career in the real world. If you want to become a digital marketer, there are a lot of free online courses (or courses that cost max 10USD) that will definitely give you an advantage over other graduates when you enter the labour market. Not just courses about Google or Facebook Ads, but also courses in coding and machine learning. You don’t need to be a pro in all of them, but it definitely gives you a competitive advantage if you know the basics and it shows you’re interested. With a very limited budget you can try running some campaigns on Google or Facebook. And signup for newsletters from companies you admire to see what they’re doing.