Local or central execution? How to manage your International Ambitions.

At Helloprint, we grow fast. From 2013 till today, we’ve expanded our ambitions from 1 to 8 countries (all across Europe and the UK). Yet, how do you do this in the most efficient way? Meet Rick, our Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), and the person responsible for our international growth: "My mission at Helloprint is to ensure that the company grows as quickly as possible internationally - within set boundary conditions. To grow our model, we need a certain amount of volume because of scale size considerations; following this makes the print jobs we process more affordable and contributes to the profit margin. International expansion therefore was and is a must."

The goal of Helloprint is to be compared to other parties like Airbnb and Uber. This is because we want to be the largest distributor of

print without actually owning a printing press; not owning any printing-presses has enabled us to scale fast. As a result, when we started ‘internationalizing’, we tested two methods of expansion:

1. The slow and risk-free way i.e. doing big market research and developing from it.

2. The quick and dirty way i.e. go live and start developing as quickly as possible.

We decided to test the two methods next to each other. The ‘slow and risk free’ way was implemented in Spain; where the ‘quick and dirty way was opted for in our UK operations. Curious about how we did? In the next video, Rick, our CMO explains our strategies.