HIT Week

HIT Week

A work introduction week less ordinary

Culture is very important to Helloprint and has always been at the base of how we operate as an organisation. Curiosity is something that is shared by all Helloprinters, and from the very beginning we’ve aimed at feeding this hunger by ensuring that new Helloprinters felt welcome and understood what we did as an organisation.

And feeding this hunger, this curiosity continues up to today. When we welcome new people to Helloprint it is still crucial to introduce them not only to the company and all the teams but also to our core values. This was important when Helloprint was just 10 people strong, and is still important today at 200+ people. We do this in our office in Rotterdam and in our office in Valencia.

This introduction is very important to us but it doesn’t stop here. This is where it starts. As an organisation you can only move forward if everyone in the company keeps moving forward and keeps designing themselves. This is why we offer in-house and external trainings. Anythings from Spanish classes in our Rotterdam office and English classes in our Valencia office to Communications trainings, Feedback trainings and IT trainings.

Our goal is to help develop ourselves to the next level and this can only be done if everyone at Helloprint does the same. This means that anything is possible when it comes to designing yourself when it helps to move Helloprint towards it overall mission, making ordering print easier for everyone one, everywhere.