Bosses of Tomorrow

Bosses of Tomorrow

Every child deserves equal opportunities

On Thursday January 23th 2020, 350 children ran the Netherlands. During JINC Baas Van Morgen (Boss of Tomorrow), they experienced what it is like to run a company by taking over the boss’ position for the day. The kids made valuable industry contacts, experienced how a company works from the inside, and showed the world how important it is to invest in all the talent of the future.

JINC believes that every child deserves equal opportunities, and works every day to make it happen.

Helloprint proudly joined in on this program and hosted Dhanya & Najmah as CEO's. The girls led our company for a day, resulting in raising staff salaries to €1500 per day, firing some lazy techies and creating kick ass merchandise for rap icon #Boef with our latest artist merchandise solution Merch.Music.

Check out the recap of this amazing day!