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Pen biodegradable


Millions of pens are used and thrown away every year. What if they were recyclable, or, better yet, biodegradable? With Helloprint's Pen biodegradable, you will not be contributing to dumping more plastic in the ocean. Made from natural materials, these pens are 80% biodegradable and are the eco-friendly alternative you are looking for! These blue ink ballpoint pens feature a matte-transparent holder and grip-resistant front piece for extra comfort. Print your logo or text on the pen and order today.

  • Good grip
  • Amazing price/ quality ratio
  • Available from 250 pieces
Product specifications
Material Plastic (80% biodegradable)
Length 13.7 cm
Diameter 1.10 cm
Weight per piece 11 grams
Maximum imprint 40 x 10 mm
Printing Technique Screen printing | 1 colour
Submission specifications
Submit your file in Vector.

For this product we need a Vector file to ensure the print quality.

Convert fonts to outlines or embed all the fonts.

Make sure you convert fonts to outlines or embed all the fonts when saving it to PDF.

Fonts should be at least 6pt.

Fonts should be at least 6 pt.

Bleed margin is not needed

Bleed margin is not needed.

Safety margin is not needed.

There is no safety margin needed for this product.

Guide PDF
40 x 10 mm PDF Indesign
Frequently asked questions
What are Pen biodegradable?
    • Promote at fairs and events
    • To introduce people to your business
What printing techniques are used for this product?
  • Screen printing: in this technique, products are tensioned and then placed under a screen. A layer of ink will be lowered on top of the screen. The ink only adheres to the part of the screen that is permeable (your imprint).

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Colours: Red

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