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Premium Hooded Softhell Jacket B&C


You will have a dry ride, no matter what. The Premium Hooded Softshell Jackets of the brand B&C has 3-layers and will keep you warm and dry. The unique thing of this jacket is that it has a detachable hood with adjustable drawstrings for a perfect fit. The jacket is waterproof up to 5000mm and is also very breathable. Beside all the nice features of this jacket, it has flat stitching to keep great comfort and a smooth look. Personalise your B&C hooded softshells with embroidery or screen printing, for a long-term use and a sporty look. Take a look at the FAQ for more productspecifications.

  • Wind and waterproof
  • Heavy duty fabric
  • Luxury look and feel
  • Available from just one piece
  • Premium price
Product specifications
Segment Premium
Gender Male & Female
Material 96% polyester, 4% spandex
Garment Softshell Jackets
Fit Semi-fitted tubular body
Wash instructions Machine wash, max 30 degrees
Submission specifications
Submit your file in Vector.

For this product we need a Vector file to ensure the print quality.

Fonts should be at least 12 pt.

For textile products the fonts should be at least 12 pt.

Convert fonts to outlines or embed all the fonts.

Make sure you convert fonts to outlines or embed all the fonts when saving it to PDF.

Check your artwork on overprint.

Make sure no elements in your artwork are set on overprint unless you want this effect in your design. You can read more about overprint in our Help Center.

Bleed margin is not needed

Bleed margin is not needed.

Safety margin is not needed.

There is no safety margin needed for this product.

Guide PDF
Textile (30 x 35 cm) PDF Indesign
Textile small chest (10 x 10 cm) PDF Indesign
Textile sleeve (10 x 10 cm) PDF Indesign
Frequently asked questions
What clothing brands are offered by Helloprint?
  • Providing unequalled quality is important to you, your customer, and to us here at Helloprint. We provide garments from leading clothing brands and aim to deliver consistent and superior quality.

What brand will I receive?
  • We aim to ensure that your favourite brand is always in stock. However, in the event that a specific garment is not in stock and has no estimated replenishment date, our partners will fulfil the order with a Helloprint preapproved garment to minimise delays. The substitute garment will be as close in design and quality to the original.

What if I want a specific brand?
  • If you are looking for a specific brand in the list of brands mentioned, please contact us and request a quote.

What printing methods are used for Premium Hooded Softshell Jacket B&C?
  • Screenprinting is a technique that involves using a woven mesh screen to support an ink-blocking stencil to print a desired image. This method is suitable for larger quantities as it more cost-effective than DTG.

Is screen printing better than vinyl printing?
  • Screen printing is great for a higher quantity of custom print in terms of cost and quality of the print, however, vinyl is cheaper in lower quantity and can give full colour which screen printing cannot.

When is a specific print method suitable?
  • Screen printing. This technique is useful for large quantities of prints. Screen printing is relatively expensive to start, but the time and cost to print a shirt are much lower than with DTG.

What printing positions are offered?
  • The print position depends on the type of garment. We can print; Chest, Chest Back, Front Large, Front Large Back Large and Back Large on most of our apparel items.

Can fabric blend quality affect the print quality?
  • DTG printing is best suited for 100% cotton garments. This is because the 100% cotton garments' natural fibers react better with the water based ink in DTG printers. The higher the cotton content, the more opaque the printing result.

  • Heather colours and cotton polyester blends have a textured look and blend two materials together. The range of polyester used is between 10% and 50%. As polyester is a synthetic material that repels water (often used in sportswear, for example), it naturally doesn’t interact with DTG’s water-based ink very well. Therefore, prints on cotton polyester blends tend not to have the same level of opacity as prints on 100% cotton garments.

  • Most hoodies and sweatshirts are blended with some level of polyester, even if they are solid colours, to achieve some sweat-wicking properties. Many customers who value the textured appearances of the heather colours more than print opacity would go for these cotton/polyester blends.

  • Triblends are made up of three different materials, a blend of cotton, polyester, and rayon. Rayon is a synthetic fiber made from regenerated cellulose, which does not work with the water-based DTG ink as well as cotton. Rayon material, however, is lightweight and improves the fit of a garment. Triblends also have a specific faded/vintage outcome with DTG printing.

  • In summary, for most opaque printing results, we recommend that you go with 100% cotton garments like solid colour t-shirts. If some trade-offs between print opacity and a specific heather colour look or a specific triblend fit are acceptable for you, cotton blends could be an attractive option.

What does 1-4 colour print mean?
  • 1-4 colours indicates the amount of colours that your logo/design can have. If you choose the one colour option, this means that your logo/design should only contain 1 colour. The same applies to 2, 3 and 4 colour as the name suggests.

  • If your chosen garment does not state any colour options, the print is automatically full colour print.

How do I have to supply my artwork?
  • It is possible to supply your design files in multiple ways. The best way, for the best result, is to supply your files in Vector. If the logo consists of Pantone colours, it should be saved as vector. Vector means that the design isn't made of pixels, but out of lines.

What is the durability of my print?
  • Screenprinting will last around 20 to 40 washes. This is highly dependant on the quality of the garment and the ink.

How to wash the printed clothing?
  • In order to maintain your personalised clothing, make sure to wash your printed clothes inside out, at a maximum heat of 30 degrees and avoid ironing the print directly.

Can the print positions deviate from the print?
  • Printing Premium Hooded Softshell Jacket B&C is different from printing paper, not a single Premium Hooded Softshell Jacket B&C is the same. It can be that there is a small deviation in the position of the print. This is minimal and often not visible when the Premium Hooded Softshell Jacket B&C are worn.

Which carriers are used for the delivery?
  • For the delivery of your Premium Hooded Softshell Jacket B&C we use multiple carriers. We use our most reliable carriers which in most cases are UPS or DPD.

Colours: Azure

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