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Happy Customers. Our No.1 priority!

 Happy Customers. <br> __Our No.1 priority!__

Happy Customers.
Our No.1 priority!

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Product Returns

If you choose to return your product, we will send you a shipping label directly by email. With this label, you can return your product free of charge. We do ask that you deliver your package to the nearest shipping point. Unfortunately we can’t arrange a pick up from your location.

Lowest Price Guarantee

With us you never pay too much. That’s something we promise with our ‘Lowest Price Guarantee’. How it works? Super easy. When you order a product with us but find it cheaper elsewhere, we will pay you back the difference.

We can offer you this guarantee when it’s exactly the same product that you compare our product with. This means that the product should be equal in: quantity, turnaround, size, material and similar specifications. Furthermore, it’s important that you let us know that you paid too much before the product has been delivered to you. Reporting a too high price to us can be done by sending us a message with at least a link to the product that you are comparing to our product. Our ‘Lowest Price Guarantee’ is only valid for products that are publicly sold with non-discount prices accessible for everyone.