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Personalised Power Banks

Stay charged throughout the day with personalised powerbanks! Print them with your own design or logo and you'll be reachable all day long.

The Custom Power Bank: Is this tech accessory worth your company’s time?

Printed power banks; have you got one, maybe two, or more?

If so, you’ll know that they’re a great piece of kit that is becoming indispensable in anyone’s day-to-day. It has come to the point where a laptop, mobile phone, PC computer, or tablet will probably feature in your schedule at some point in the week. Whether we like it or not, we must accept that each of these devices is powered by electricity and some form of battery. You’ll be reminded of this reality when the blinking empty battery symbol inevitably ‘rears its ugly head’ on your screen.

Nowadays removable batteries are far less common, though luckily with such tech most batteries are rechargeable. Still, in most cases when that time comes you will need a plug, socket, and a bit of patience to wait for enough charge to continue. Yet very few in any line of work will have the time to wait for a fully charged device, especially if they’re on the move. A useable device is a necessity to almost anyone, which is why an advertising power bank is a item recipients appreciate. This portable battery charger has surely surpassed the USB flash drive in terms of high demand because what most people need on a regular basis is a reliable source of power. Out of the many mobile phone accessories, a battery pack is considered one of the most useful gadgets because it is one of the more compact and lightweight appliances that can ensure one’s mobility on even their busiest of days.

Promotional Power Banks: Should your business be advertising with battery chargers?

With the steady growth of mobile and tablet use, staying ‘connected’ has become a necessity. This creates the perfect opportunity for any (small or corporate) company looking for a promotional product to brand with their logo. Here, power bank printing can be the generator of more visibility for your business, which helps easily distinguish your ‘identity’ from your competitors. A battery power outlet you design can guarantee two things. Firstly personalised power banks will automatically ‘keep the display’ of your devices on. Secondly, like a well-designed business card, it will promote your company to drive more traffic to your products, services, and digital website when gifted.

This is due to the fact that more people need to work on the go, so promotional power banks are too practical for anyone to leave at home. Once charged, a branded power bank can with a cable, charge relevant devices in the car, train, or from your pocket when walking. They can provide a dependable source of power to your phone, camera, and other relevant gadgets, which is extremely useful when you travel. Think about it, this also means that any recipient will end up looking at your printed logo daily, which helps build more awareness and familiarity of your service in the market. It also associates your business with positive experiences that can contribute to a customer’s return value. This makes this item a cost-effective way to bring more publicity to your brand. Therefore, at the very least you should consider sharing them at tradeshow, exhibition and event giveaways and goodie bags.

Personalised Power Banks: Which power bank is right for you?

With the large range of sizes, designs, and shapes of a branded power bank, it is a matter of deciding what is the best form of custom stationery to create for your business. Still, much like a USB flash drive, what is worth noting is the capacity of the battery charger. Good rule of thumb is to check the amount of milli-amps per hour or ‘mAh,’ which is the amount of power that can stored on the branded power bank. To give more context, anything above 2,000 mAh is enough for the average smartphone, where as a tablet will require something between the 6,000 to 8,000 mAh range.

Promotional power banks with a smaller mAh capacity can be purchased at a lower cost and will generally come with a manual and cable. Another possibility are solar power banks that will be very useful in outdoor settings outside of the workplace. For these reasons, it is definitely worth doing some quick research on what devices your target prospects are likely to use; the more valuable the power bank is, the more likely the branding it displays will be looked at and remembered.

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