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Premium Polo Shirts (Slim Fit)

Print your Premium Polo Shirts (Slim Fit) of the brand Sol's with Helloprint. The polos are available from just 1 piece and are made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. The slim fit of these polos will make sure you have a stylish appearance. These polos are better known as the "fashion polos". You can print them full colour (digital), with 4 solid colours (screen print) or choose for embroidery for a durable decoration. The polos are available in male and female variant. In a hurry? No problem, these polos are available with a fast delivery.
  • Brand: Sol's
  • Fit: Slim fit
  • 220 gsm material

Om de perfecte illustratie voor jouw standaardposters te ontwerpen, hebben we enkele duidelijke sjablonen/voorbeelden gemaakt. Hieronder vind je de meest populaire sjablonen. Klik op onderstaande link om alle sjablonen te bekijken.

Textile small chest (10 x 10 cm) pdf Adobe indesign
Textile big (30 x 35 cm) pdf Adobe indesign
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