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 Building __Our Future__

Building Our Future

At Helloprint, we believe we have the duty to care for our future. That is why we support the community by sponsoring your event or helping your charity with your printing needs. We offer dedicated service and discounted prices for non-profit organisations and charities. Read below how it works...

Supporting for your charity

We offer dedicated support for local communities, voluntary- or non-profit organizations and charitable institutions. Is your organisation registered as charity, we offer 6% off our prices on all printed products! Besides that, we sponsor hundreds of local initiatives every year! As we care for your charity event, we can assist with your printing or artwork. Get in touch with us & find out how we can help your charity!

All-inclusive service for schools, charities, foundations and other non-profits

At Helloprint we offer an all inclusive service for non-profit organisations to cover all your printing needs. From distribution, letterbox drops or storage, we have your organisation covered. We know the ins and outs of the printing industry and have a vast experience in offering print management services.

- Supporting over 100 local initiatives every year!
- All inclusive Assistence with your Artwork
- Standard 6% off all prices for non-profits

Social Responsibility

We care about our community and our environment. These are not mere words or thoughts but concrete actions. Together with some fantastic charities, we care about giving back to the community by organising local events or teaming up with other brands to give other people the best day of their life!

Contact us and find out what we can do for you

Helloprint Non Profit is specifically designed for schools, charities and foundations. Therefore, we request that your charity or foundation is listed with the Charity Commission. Once we have received your registration, we strive to reply within 2 business days.
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