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Fashionable Jack & Jones clothing with your logo

50 years of fashion. Stay trendy with Jack & Jones.

With an impressive 50 years of experience in the retail world, Jack & Jones is synonymous with understanding and leading the fashion industry. Their long history allows Jack & Jones to not only follow, but anticipate and shape fashion trends. Thanks to this in-depth knowledge, Jack & Jones continuously offers innovative and trendy clothing lines that perfectly suit today's consumers. Jack & Jones combines craftsmanship with market insight, allowing them to always offer the latest fashion trends. They are an indispensable player in the fashion world.

Sustainability. Discover the story.

Jack & Jones prioritises sustainability, focusing on sourcing materials responsibly. By 2023, the use of 100% sustainable cotton was achieved, an important milestone. Jack & Jones is also closely involved Better Cotton Initiative. By 2025, they plan to source 50% of their polyester from recycled materials, already repurposing 14 million plastic bottles into jacket linings. They ensure animal welfare in sourcing wool and down, with 63% recycled wool in 2022 and 100% certified humane down. Innovating with partners like LENZING™ and SPINNOVA, they're developing sustainable fibers, aiming to lead in circular and biodegradable material innovation.

Exceptional market knowledge.

Jack & Jones boasts over 50 years of retail experience, emphasising quality in every aspect of their business. This extensive history has allowed them to refine their approach to fashion, focusing on durability, craftsmanship, and the latest trends. Their commitment to quality is evident in their product selection, from premium denim to well-crafted casual wear. This dedication ensures that customers receive garments designed to last, reflecting the brand's deep understanding of what it means to combine style with substance. Jack & Jones' legacy in retail showcases their ability to evolve while maintaining a steadfast focus on quality.

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