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Welcome to the World

Helloprint Global Shop
Welcome to the World

When you have big dreams you have to grow into them, which is exactly what we at Helloprint are doing. The goal this company was founded on was to become earth’s largest printing company, and the global print platform is another major step in that direction.

~~Travel~~ Print in 16 new countries

The introduction of the global shop not only means a revamp to technology, but also an increase in range. Nearly tripling the previous amount of countries we had operation in, this not only means a massive increase in size, but also allows for faster turnarounds, as the more Helloprint grows, the more partners we acquire, which means more product types and delivery options.

Which are these new countries?

✓ Greece
✓ Bulgaria
✓ Romania
✓ Croatia
✓ Czech Republic
✓ Finland
✓ Hungary
✓ Lithuania
✓ Slovenia
✓ Slovakia
✓ Austria
✓ Ireland
✓ Poland
✓ Sweden
✓ Denmark
✓ Portugal

And soon traveling to Helloprint Global: United-Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy and Germany!

Upload Before Payment

Before the introduction of the global print platform, users would have to pay for the products in their basket before uploading their artwork to be checked. Most of the time this was a fast process. However, sometimes artwork was declined, this could mean that the entire process would take longer. Therefore, after noticing this issue and receiving customer feedback, we have now changed the ordering process to be able to place your artwork for checks before payment.

Lightning Fast Service

As mentioned before, more partners and suppliers means more products that can travel further, as each partner has their own skills and competencies. This also means that delivery times should be decreased as well. Since, simply, having more suppliers makes more options for where products can be printed. Meaning, your product might be printed next door.

Don't forget your souvenir!

As one of our first guests on this trip, we would to thank you with 10% discount on your complete order! Use code EUROTRIP10 to enjoy it!

After testing, we'd love to hear from you! Are you happy with the changes to the platform? What kind of further changes would you like to see? Write us to [email protected] and share your wishlist with us!
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