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Christmas Jumpers

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Christmas Jumpers With Premade Designs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need a Christmas Jumper?

Tradition! At this point, having a ugly Christmas jumper over the Christmas holidays is almost as important as the tree itself. You see corporations and businesses encouraging their employees to wear ugly sweaters in the buildup to the holiday season. And can you really imagine yourself opening your presents on Christmas Day and not wearing a ugly jumper?
On a more practical note, personalised jumpers and sweaters make for a really good option for corporate gifts or giveaways, or just normal presents, especially around the holiday season. This is because it's a little less stuffy present, with practical uses. It is getting cold after all. Plus it means that whenever the person who got your ugly Christmas jumper wears it, they'll think of you. Christmas jumpers are just an all round fun product, that make for great gifts.

How Soon Can I Get My Ugly Christmas Jumper?

That really depends on what kind of jumper you choose, plus what materials and finishes go into it. Typically, the free delivery takes about 4-5 days, however, we do also have 2 business days and next business day delivery for some of our sweaters. It is worth knowing that 1-day delivery is dependent on your design being submitted on time, as always indicated by the yellow bar above the “add to shopping cart” button. In addition, faster delivers do incur additional costs.

Which Carriers Do You Use For Christmas Jumpers?

Our two main carriers are UPS or DPD. We also occasionally use DHL or even our own carriers, it really depends on which carrier can best deliver your Christmas sweaters to you.