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Sticky notes printing


A message
that sticks!

Printing your very own sticky notes is a great way to create a unique and memorable message that sticks!


Hard cover
sticky notes

Choose the ultimate set, to be used in your office but also as giveaway during events!

Safe and secure

    Custom Printed Sticky-Notes from Helloprint

    Have you ever experienced going to an office supplies shop and seeing only a limited range of post-it designs? Well, no longer will you be stuck with a plain old boring sticky note pad. With Helloprint, it's possible to create your own custom post-it note that suits your fancy.

    Sticky notes aren’t just useful stationery items for taking quick notes. Branded post-it notes are an unconventional yet creative way to bring attention to your brand’s logo without being too obvious and in your face. Even just putting them on your office desk can bring attention to your brand logo. Not only can they be used to stick important notes on your computer monitor, but they can also serve as corporate giveaways.

    You can use personalised notepads and sticky notes in many ways. They can be used them to post reminders about errands and important submissions. They can also help in visualising an idea. They can even be promotional items. Whatever way you feel like using, printed custom sticky notes are sure to raise brand awareness in whatever place they’re stuck on.