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Promotional Print



Let everyone now about your fantastic products, limited deals or upcoming events with your very own personalised flyers

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Folded Leaflets

Folded Leaflets

Have an upcoming event or services that require an explanation? Use leaflets to grab attention and provide all the information a customer could need

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Booklets & Brochures

Booklets & Brochures

When designed with care, a booklet is a fantastic way to provide information and show off how amazing and your service really are

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Business Cards

Business Cards

A beautiful, personalised business card is a classic way to garner attention and provide a way for potential customers to contact you

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Classic for handing out leaflets in any fold!

Didn't find the Fold you were looking for? Explore our full assortment of Folded Leaflets.


Make sure your brand is what's turning heads with Helloprint's affordable advertising Flyers! Printed in full colour and designed for your campaign needs; produce useful printed flyers that are sure to inform and promote your business wherever it goes.


With a half fold, the paper is folded once creating four pages with more than enough room to conveniently promote your business. The sheet can be folded lengthwise or widthwise, and is divided into two equal pieces that, once folded, fit exactly together.

Most popular for informative booklets, pricelists, menus & programs


A tri-fold is when you fold twice in the same direction. One part of the leaflet is folded inside the other two parts. The inside part is slightly slimmer (by 3mm) to prevent bulging once folded. The folded brochure is beautifully flat.

Most popular for takeaway menus, pricelists, company introduction leaflets, event/venue brochures


A z-fold means folding twice in the opposite direction. The three parts of the folded format are equally wide, so that the parts fall nicely over each other once the paper has been folded. These are similar to tri-fold leaflets but send a more quirky message.

Most popular for company introduction leaflets and event/venue brochures.

Outdoor promotion with Posters

Choose from a wide range of Posters that best fit the lasting impression you're looking for.

Cards for any occasion

Didn't find the card you were looking for? Explore our full assortment of Cards.

Greeting Cards

Who will you surprise with Greeting Cards? Whether for friends, family, or a thoughtful treat for your clients and customers, it's your personalised message and logo that brings these cards to life!


Whether you're in need of business conference invitations, birthday invitations, wedding invitations or party invitations (the list could go on), you’re in the right place for your next batch of custom invites that are just waiting to bring people together.


A 'thank you' email on your screen doesn't quite capture the charm of receiving a personalised card. These aren't just for bragging rights, but they're advertising muses that come conveniently small, but promote in a big way! Don't leave these out of your direct mail, inserts, and discount campaigns.

Compliment Slips

Don't hesitate to add that personal touch to your products with Compliment Slips! Print in full colour on a premium paper type of your choice. A compliment slip is the first thing a customer will see after receiving their much-anticipated delivery; it's a convenient opportunity to both engage them with a message and emphasise your company's professionalism.

Get creative with your marketing and use these more creative promotional materials!