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Paper bags

Affordable and durable. Paper bags are the perfect to protect your products and promote your brand

Printed Paper Bags

With people becoming more conscious about the environment, paper bags have become a popular alternative to plastic bags. In the past few years, many countries have passed laws that ban businesses from using plastic bags. Unlike plastic bags, paper bags are more environmentally friendly as they are reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable. Not only can they be used to carry your shopping, but they can also be repurposed as simple gift bags.

Aside from being much better for the environment, personalised paper bags also allow more creative freedom. Unlike plastic bags, there is a much larger print space for your brand's design. There's room for creative and elaborate prints and designs that will surely catch anyone's attention. Using custom paper bags also show that your business is committed to making environmentally sustainable choices. Anyone would be happy and willing to support a business that makes sustainable business choices that help the planet and its people.

Ordering Custom Paper Bags Online at Helloprint

Helloprint offers a wide variety of high-quality custom-printed paper bags. For your convenience, we also offer free downloads of our free templates for the available printed paper bags and design checks to make sure you get the best custom printed paper bags. Get your own printed paper bags wholesale right now at a minimum order of 100 pieces!