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USB Solid Twist

Product specifications
  • Printable area full color print: 29 x 9 mm
  • Printable area doming: 32.5 x 11.9 mm
  • Printable area engraving: 29 x 9 mm
  • Length: 34 mm
  • Width: 13 mm
  • Heigth: 5 mm
  • Base color: Silver
  • Weight: 8 grams

USB Solid Twist

USB Solid Twist is with its fine but solid metal housing and clean design an eye-catcher that can handle anything. As usually, it is dust free and waterproof.

    ! Coming soon in Ireland!

    This product is not yet available in Ireland but we're working on it. Please contact our customer service or check out all products to find an alternative product that perfectly solves your needs.

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