Standard Envelopes

  • tick-circle Available in gummed or adhesive closure
  • tick-circle Including address window
  • tick-circle Printed in full colour

Stand out from the pile with Helloprint's printed envelopes! Crafted from premium quality paper; print your logo and designs right onto these sturdy straight-flap envelopes. With a clean and professional look, no need to think twice about sending off those vital documents; these envelopes will do the heavy lifting for you!

Submission specifications
Submitting your artwork is easy, simply follow these instructions when you design & upload the artwork for your Standard Envelopes. Click on an instruction for more information.
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In order to design the perfect artwork for your Standard Envelopes, we have created some easy templates. You will find the most popular artwork templates below. Click on the link at the bottom to see all the templates.

Why can the upper 11mm not be printed on an envelope?

The upper 11mm of the envelope cannot be printed because the machine has to grab the envelope during the process. The upper 11mm is the spot where the machine grabs the envelope, therefore it cannot be printed.

Which envelopes size should I choose ?

Don't want to fold your A4?
EA4, 220x312 mm: sending an A4 without folding it
C4, 229x324 mm: sending multiple a4 without folding it

Sending business communication?
EA56, 220x110 mm: size of a trifolded a4
C56, 229x114 mm: size of multiple trifolded a4 or one time trifolded a4 and extra envelop (EA56)
EA5, 220x156 mm: size of a one time folded a4 (with few mm extra on the sides)
C5, 229x162 mm: size of multiple one time folded a4 or one time folded a4 and extra envelop (EA5)

Sending a greeting card?
C6,162x114 mm: greeting cards come in different sizes, but the standard ones are able to fit in the C6

As a reference: an a4 paper is 210x297 mm


What is this product exactly? And what can I use it for?

An envelope is a paper casing for a letter or card that can be printed according to your own needs or style. The envelopes are available in various sizes, with or without window and with a gummed strip or self adhesive closure.
This product is used to / as:
Send invoices or documents

What is the fastest possible turnaround?

The fastest possible turnaround for Standard Envelopes is:
4 working days
The turnaround depends on the combination of size, material, printing and quantity. To make sure that your order is delivered at the indicated time, it is important that we receive your file with your design for the product, on time (also called cut-off time). In this way the product can be put into production on time. The deadline is always communicated in the yellow bar on the product page, above the "Add to shopping cart" button. The cut-off time for your printed item may vary. This depends on the combination you choose. This has to do with the manufacturing technique and / or the order quantities. NOTE: The product delivery shifts a day every time the deadline for submission has passed. This is also the case if the file is rejected by us and corrected artwork isn't supplied before the next cut off time.
NOTE: The product delivery shifts a day every time the deadline for submission has passed. This is also the case if the file is rejected by us and corrected artwork isn't supplied before the next cut off time.


What is the difference between Offset (litho) and Digital printing?

Offset Lithography printing (Litho): Litho printing makes it possible to provide larger quantities at unbeatable prices. Images and text are created with wet ink and transferred to each page with aluminium and rubber plates. This method is more extensive than its 'digital’ counterpart, but is the most cost-effective option when you order bigger printed batches.

Digital printing method: the ‘Digital’ option is the most well known method of printing. It uses four colours (CMYK) with toners and inks to print digital files. This option is cheaper than ‘litho’ printing for smaller quantities, because there are less starting costs, less components involved, and no ink drying time necessary when printing.

CAUTION: if your design should be printed to edge of the envelope, then it is ONLY available when ordering Litho (larger quantities).

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