Square Beachflags

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Be the talk of the town with Helloprint's printed square beach flags! Who said good marketing had to be pricey? Helloprint offers you affordable options that can easily be printed with your amazing design onto one side of durable flag fabrics. Our Square beachflags are wind and rain resistant so that, no matter the weather, all your customers will notice your business. With options for both in and outdoor promotions.Got stains on the flag? Just get it in the machine and get the flag nice and clean back up easily again.
Note: the tunnelband is by default on the left side of the print, as shown on the pictures.

Submission specifications
Submitting your artwork is easy, simply follow these instructions when you design & upload the artwork for your Square Beachflags. Click on an instruction for more information.
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In order to design the perfect artwork for your Square Beachflags, we have created some easy templates. You will find the most popular artwork templates below. Click on the link at the bottom to see all the templates.

What is this product exactly? And what can I use it for?

Square beachflags are one of our most-sold products and are very popular as a promotional good. A beachflag is a flag which gets pulled taut across the whole length of the flagpole and can be printed according to your wishes.
This product is used to / as:
-Introduce people to your business
Promote discounts or events
To sponsor events or sport-locations
-Represent your company's identity or brand
Decorate the entrance of your store or hospitality premises
Show your companies name and/or logo at your premises


What is the fastest possible turnaround?

The fastest possible turnaround for Square beachflags is:
3 working days
NOTE: only applicable for products which require your design: To make sure that your order is delivered at the indicated time, it is important that we receive your file with your design for the product, on time (also called cut-off time). In this way the product can be moved into production on time. The deadline is always communicated in the final step when putting your product together and in the box on the right which details your entire order.
The cut-off time for your printed item may vary. This depends on the combination you choose. This has to do with the manufacturing technique and / or the order quantities.
NOTE: The product delivery shifts a day every time the deadline for submission has passed. This is also the case if the file is rejected by us and corrected artwork isn't supplied before the next cut off time.


Which production techniques do you use?

For the production of your Square beachflags we use the following production technique(s):
Sublimation: the printing is carried out at a high temperature, thereby the eco-friendly water based ink attaches directly to the material. The ink integrates into the material. The material remains flexible and is waterproof.

Which carriers are used for the delivery?

For the delivery of your Square beachflags we use multiple carriers. Because of the highest reliability, in most cases we use UPS or DPD.
Other carriers we use are DHL and even our own courier service. These carriers are used for certain products (depending on the size, the turnaround and the quantity).
Other carriers we use are DHL and even our own courier service. These carriers are used for certain products (depending on the size, the turnaround and the quantity).

I can't find the product I'm looking for. Can I request a quotation?

The Square beachflags that is chosen in most cases can be selected via our website.
If your material type, weight, quantity, size or other specification is not listed, you can request a quotation. We will send you our offer within 1 working day.
Depending on the complexity this can take a bit longer.

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