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Leave your guests feeling special with Helloprint's printed postcards that are sure to have everyone excited for your upcoming events! Nowadays, it's all about smartphones and the latest tech which can make print feel outdated. However, a 'thank you' email on your screen doesn't quite capture the charm of receiving a personalised card in the post. These aren't just for bragging rights, but they're advertising muses that come conveniently small, but promote in a big way! Don't leave these out of your direct mail, inserts, and discount campaigns.

Submission specifications
Submitting your artwork is easy, simply follow these instructions when you design & upload the artwork for your Postcards. Click on an instruction for more information.
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In order to design the perfect artwork for your Postcards, we have created some easy templates. You will find the most popular artwork templates below. Click on the link at the bottom to see all the templates.

Will my Postcards be folded?

No, your Postcards will not be folded.
Looking for folded cards? Please have a look at our greeting cards.

Which materials can I choose from?

The metallic materials in gold, silver and white have a lovely glittery look and is certain to add character to your design.
The kraft material is made from 15 % recycled pulp with visible fibres and has a natural brown colour. If you go for this material, keep in mind that white and unprinted are will appear as the background.
Pearl Marble is 300 gsm with a lovely fine glittery look and sparkles on an off-white background. This is often used for extra special memories, messages or events.

The Standard is 280 gsm thick and has a perfectly white colour. It is the best universal option as it is suitable for every design.

Glossy material is 300 gsm thick and comes with an extra layer of glossy lamination, which is great for a design with photos as it will bring the memory to life.
300 gsm biotop: this paper has a classic look and is environmentally friendly.


What is this product exactly? And what can I use it for?

Postcards are paper cards which you can get printed completely to your wishes, and is available in A5 and A6 format with a choice of options and finishing for both the front and reverse sides.

This product is used to / as:
Promote discounts or events
Personally communicate with customers
Notify others of your upcoming events

What is the fastest possible turnaround?

The fastest possible turnaround for Postcards is:
NOTE: only applicable for products which require your design: To make sure that your order is delivered at the indicated time, it is important that we receive your file with your design for the product, on time (also called cut-off time). In this way the product can be moved into production on time. The deadline is always communicated in the final step when putting your product together and in the box on the right which details your entire order.
The cut-off time for your printed item may vary. This depends on the combination you choose. This has to do with the manufacturing technique and / or the order quantities.
NOTE: The product delivery shifts a day every time the deadline for submission has passed. This is also the case if the file is rejected by us and corrected artwork isn't supplied before the next cut off time.


Which production techniques do you use?

For the production of your Postcards we use the following production technique(s):

Digital printing uses four colours (CMYK) with toners and inks to print digital files. This option is comparable to large home printer, and is cheaper than ‘litho’ printing for smaller quantities. This is because there are less starting costs, less components involved, and no ink drying time necessary.

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